The Little Things


The sweetest thing in the world to me, is to see that excited look on a child’s face when they receive something after they have given up hope.

A few days ago, my seven year old and I treated ourselves to breakfast at a restaurant that has a store attached. This would be the same store that her dad and I purchased her favorite stuffy, Magic the Unicorn, as a Christmas gift. A stuffy that she sleeps with, eats with, even takes to the restroom when she is bathing. The first thing she says while tucking her in at night is, “where is my Unicorn?” Most of the time it is lying right beside her, but she has grown so accustomed to asking for it, that she now does it out of habit.

While waiting to be seated, my daughter looks over and sees a unicorn identical to hers. There was a tad bit of excitement. And Then……There it was. The Raccoon. The sister to her Unicorn, as she had stated, while lighting up like a beaming strobe light. “Oh mom, I need that, Can I get it?”   With her being little and not fully understanding our situation, she always wants every little thing that she sees.  I am a housewife, therefore my husband is the sole bread winner, which leaves me having to say “No honey, you do not need that”  Or, “Maybe later” more times than not. I could tell by the way she was talking about it, that it completely overwhelmed her to see it. I told her that was something that she needed to expect for a special occasion. Which oddly enough, she accepted, but not without that heart broken expression.

When we finished our meal, I went to stand in the line to pay for the bill. My little one went straight for the toys section. As I was standing there in line, something was telling me to get that Raccoon. My heart was just really pressuring me to grab it up and lay it on the counter. “get it,  get it , get it.” I kept hearing those words over and over in my head. I rarely go and eat out without my husband being present, and I know if he had of been standing there with me, he would have just gotten the dang stuffy. Without another thought, I grabbed it up, set it on the counter, and asked the cashier if she would place it in a bag, before my daughter could see it. The excitement of keeping it a surprise, had me shoving that bag in my purse before even swiping my card.  As we approached the car, I unlocked my door only, so that I would have time to place the bag in the back seat before she could get inside. She never did notice the bag sitting in the seat right next to her. I was having a hard time holding my excitement in, but wanted her to find it herself. After about ten more minutes of driving to our next destination, she finally said, “I have to blow my nose.” Which I seen as the perfect opportunity. ” Madison, I believe there is a paper bag beside you that you can use to throw away your used tissue.” She grabbed it and said, ” Nah, I think there is something in it.” She opened the bag and looked in. I had already fixed my rear view mirror to where I could see her face. When her head popped back up and our eyes met in that rear view mirror, I could not hold back the tears. This little girl looked up at me with a facial expression that will forever be embedded into my mind. Eye brows raised, and a smile from ear to ear. She was so very happy, and equally thankful. For a few seconds she was in disbelief and  I could tell right away that I had done good. She thanked me over and over again, and told me it was awesome, and I was awesome.  What mom does not want to hear those words?  She said”I just can not believe it mom, You tricked me real good. I love it so much. I can not wait to show daddy.”

I know some will not find this story heart touching in the least. And I suppose those are the ones that are able to give their kids every little thing that they want. Part of me wishes that I could be one of those parents that showers their little ones with tons of expensive gifts. But the other part of me, loves being able to see the appreciation my little girl has over a $13 stuffed animal. I would not witness that appreciation and excitement over something so small, if she were spoiled. Now I am not knocking the ones who are able to spoil their children. I am merely stating that the feeling one gets when their child is excited over something simple, is like nothing else. I literally had tears rolling down my face when I met her eyes and she seen that Raccoon. I knew it was going to be an exciting moment for her, because out of all of her Christmas gifts that she received last year, her Unicorn was her favorite.  It is The Little Things, that make this life so great.

# I would just like to say “Thank You” to my husband for his efforts. He works every single day, and sometimes long hours, so that he may not only provide our needs, but some of our wants as well. This moment that I am able to share, was completely because of him. I was able to be home with my sick daughter, without stressing about a job, and was able to take her out for breakfast, AND get her a treat.. It was a heart warming day for me, and my hard working partner deserves all of the credit. I love you.

A Proud Moment

I recently had a moment to where I thought to myself, ” Good Job Mom'”

An occurrence happened this past weekend, that brought positive recognition to my parenting skills, along with my husbands of course. Sometimes we look into our lives and we wonder, just how well of a job we are doing when it comes to teaching our children right from wrong. There also comes that little thing called Compassion. I have written of Compassion on another blog, so obviously I am pretty set, on making sure I place this emotion upon the hearts of my children. It is right up there with respect. It is a necessity to carry with us on a daily basis. Now, I will share with you what brought this blog to exist

A few days ago, the husband and I had a few last minute Christmas items to pick up for one of our other children, and since she was not with us at the moment, it was a good opportunity to do so.  As I step out of the car, I hear it. That dreaded Salvation Army bell. Each year as I walk to the doors of our Wal-mart, there is a person ( working off community service hours, I am sure) sitting at the bucket, swaying his bell back and forth. I know this money is going to a good place, and I have absolutely no problem with giving. The thing is, I never carry cash with me. I always use a card. So every time I walk past the bucket, I am thinking to myself, ” do not look their way, and just keep walking. Maybe they will think you are not paying attention and just overlooked them sitting there with that loud obnoxious bell.” This day was different. I actually had a five dollar bill in my wallet, left over from an ice cream date with my youngest daughter the day before. As I  pulled out the cash to place in the bucket I thought I would do a little test. I wanted to see just how much compassion I had instilled upon my seven year old daughter. I pulled the money out and I said, ” Honey, I have Five dollars. I am going to give you two choices. You may either take this money and buy you something in this store, or you can place it in that bucket, where another child that is less fortunate that you, will get a gift bought for them for Christmas.” There was no way I could be 100% certain what her choice was going to be. I had hoped I had not raised a selfish child. She had recently made me feel very proud when she told me that there was no reason for a child to get more than three Christmas gifts. She said baby Jesus got three gifts, one from each wise man. If Jesus can be happy with three gifts, I think all kids should be happy with three. She was very serious too. I really wonder what she would do if I took all of her gifts, other than three and gave them away? Maybe that is for another lesson learning day 😉

Without a second of hesitation, my daughter ran up to that bucket and shoved her money in. Smiled at the man holding the bell and proceeded to walk in the store. The man said, “Merry Christmas.” My daughter replied with, “And Merry Christmas to you too.”  In a trade off for her money, the man handed her a sucker. The sucker said Jesus Loves You. She was very proud of that sucker.

There is no way I could guess which way the scenario was going to play out. Of course I was hopeful that she would do the right thing. But I am not unrealistic to the fact that Kids will be kids, and sometimes they have a selfish heart. Especially the ones that do not get an allowance. The ones that do without all of the little wants because of a slim budget. My husband works very hard every single day to keep a roof over our head, food in our belly’s and clothing on our back…The necessities. We all understand that anything outside of those three things, are privileged commodities. So when my child chose to give to another child, instead of spoiling herself for a moment, it made my heart swell.

Later that evening, as I started a conversation with my husband about the subject, it was only then that he had learned I gave her the choice to keep the money for herself. He assumed I had given her the money and simply told her to put it in the bucket. Daddy’s heart had a little swelling moment as well. He called her in, and proceeded to tell her what a good thing she had done, and since she had chosen to do the good deed, he was repaying her for it. He gave her his five dollars that he was using for his vending machine coffee, at work. I told her, ” See what happens when you do good things, Good things come back to you. Maybe not that moment, or that day, or even that week, but eventually good things come back to the ones that do good.


Mental Thought: Our children learn from example…..They are always watching.