Part Time Daddy ; My Story

Once Upon a Time there was this couple. They had a child. They divorced. The end…….Not really, but kind of.

When a divorce happens, which sadly it is more often than not, the proper thing to do between the parents would be to make sure there is no stress brought upon the child(ren) of that failed marriage. You know, things like, do not speak ill of the other parent in front of the child(ren). Make that child your number one priority in every little thing that you do. When making any decision in your life, be sure it benefits the child(dren). Never leave the child(ren) questioning your love and dedication for them. Give them your TIME.

I have always been a firm believer that as long as a parent spends quality time with a child, that the money (child support) can somewhat slide. Not that the support is not vital, but the time, is just most important, in my opinion. If a parent is struggling to make ends meet, and all they have left at the end of the week is their self, then that self is sufficient.

When a parent makes excuses week after week, and then finally no excuses, just silence, there is a time for some change. ((((( I do not have gas money ( even though I have offered to give the money), I do not have a place to stay, I do not have food ( even though I sent food), I have to go out of town, I am staying with so and so, and they have drugs here, I am staying with so and so and this is just not a good weekend, I do not have a vehicle ( even though I offer to bring her) ))))

When a child sets up night after night crying and trying to figure out why a parent does not love them enough to see them, it tends to harden the heart. Especially when I, as a mother, do not know the answers. I have to take myself back to my first rule. Do not speak ill of the other parents. I will tell you, those moments in my life, I had to fight back the urge to cuss, to scream, to just be blunt with the truth. But……..I did not. I made excuses just to salvage my child’s heart stings. Months without contact, then years without contact. It took a good year before my child finally stopped asking when was he going to see her and when she stopped saying daily, “I miss him”.

When my daughter turned 7, I finally told her there were two reasons why her father stopped coming around us when she was 4. The first reason was because he had a bad drug habit. This drug habit had messed with his mind and he was not the person he wanted to be. The second reason was because I had given him enough chances. I let her know that I told him that if he went six more months without any contact, to not even bother anymore…….After a little more than 3 years of no contact, I am assuming he listened.

I have never stood my ground to be mean. I have stood my ground hoping for a change. I stood my ground, hoping, that  him and his family would prove me wrong. Show me that they DO in fact love her and they DO find her important and she IS worth their time. 3 years, and nothing. My little girl deserves more than a part time daddy. I am not all for “weekend daddys“. Men helped bring these children into this world, they should be there more, but if that is all the time they can give, then it is better than nothing. These children should have equal amount of time with each parent, and if not equal then as much as possible. So once a month, once every 6 months, NO……..Because that first 6 months, one of those months consisted of laying down night after night with tears in her eyes, ” did my daddy text me goodnight?”  4 years old and just simply wanting a text. Just some sort of contact that he was at least thinking of her. Nothing. ( For months at a time that is all she would get, a text saying Goodnight, sadly enough she was okay with that)

I know there are people in my life that do not accept, the way that I am being. People that I love dearly. They do not think it is the right way. That is okay. Agree to Disagree. I just hate for people to think that I do this type of thing out of hate.

I am sure some think that I should allow my daughter to see this family just whenever they want, or whenever they have time for her. What is that teaching her? How is that showing her the value of family?

My biggest problem was his bad habits. He gets clean, and wants something to do with her, and then months later when he is dirty, he stays away. We dealt with that for 2 whole years. That is just not fair.

When my daughter turned 5, one year after her father shut the door, she asked my husband if she could call him daddy. Of course he was honored. He has no children of his own. She wanted to have a  daddy so badly, and he wanted to be called daddy, so it has worked out pretty awesome. I feel in my bones there will come a day when my little girl is old enough to decide for herself if she wants to hunt these people down that had no time for her when she was little, and leave her daddy ( my husband) feeling second. In his eyes, she can do no wrong, and she is his pride and joy……You know, the way it SHOULD be……Only time will tell. But for now, She will not have a part time daddy…She has a full time daddy,and I wish others would realize that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. It should be seen as her being blessed to have someone there for her every single second of every single day.


Her life is good. She is never questioning if her daddy loves her. She is never wondering when her daddy is going to have time for her. Because he loves her every single day and he is with her every single day…

Mental Note: We should all learn to respect the fact that each person has their own reasons. Good or Bad, they are that persons reasons. I respect yours, please continue to respect mine.


Becoming a Stranger

Recently I have started speaking online to a gentlemen who has had some major surgery on his face. He had cancer. The cancer took part of him, as it always does.

He is not only attempting to heal physically, but he is having to dig really deep to heal emotionally as well. Part of that emotional healing consist of him accepting who he now is.  A little less of who he was before.

How can one accept who they are, when others turn away from them, and Why do others turn away from them?

When we hate ourselves due to our physical appearance, our inner self feels the need to match it. If we feel ugly on the outside, then may as well be ugly on the inside…

The thing is,  It is just hard to connect with someone who is going through a hard time, if they are hopeless.

It is almost impossible to relate to someone,  If they are negative about everything.

Honestly I have never been through anything, like this person has. I have never been through anything similar. But I know without a shadow of a doubt, If my husband faced losing any part of his physical shell, I would love him just the same. I love his soul, his spirit,  his heart. Not his body.

However, if his soul, spirit, and/or heart changed, and he disconnected from me, then it would be difficult for me to attempt to connect with someone I no longer know.

So one thing we should tell ourselves. IF we are faced with a life altering tragedy we must not lose who we are. Because once we lose that…..We lose everything, Including the ones that loved us for who we were.

Mental Note: Stay true to yourself, even when going through a storm. We must not become a stranger to even ourselves.

The Little Things


The sweetest thing in the world to me, is to see that excited look on a child’s face when they receive something after they have given up hope.

A few days ago, my seven year old and I treated ourselves to breakfast at a restaurant that has a store attached. This would be the same store that her dad and I purchased her favorite stuffy, Magic the Unicorn, as a Christmas gift. A stuffy that she sleeps with, eats with, even takes to the restroom when she is bathing. The first thing she says while tucking her in at night is, “where is my Unicorn?” Most of the time it is lying right beside her, but she has grown so accustomed to asking for it, that she now does it out of habit.

While waiting to be seated, my daughter looks over and sees a unicorn identical to hers. There was a tad bit of excitement. And Then……There it was. The Raccoon. The sister to her Unicorn, as she had stated, while lighting up like a beaming strobe light. “Oh mom, I need that, Can I get it?”   With her being little and not fully understanding our situation, she always wants every little thing that she sees.  I am a housewife, therefore my husband is the sole bread winner, which leaves me having to say “No honey, you do not need that”  Or, “Maybe later” more times than not. I could tell by the way she was talking about it, that it completely overwhelmed her to see it. I told her that was something that she needed to expect for a special occasion. Which oddly enough, she accepted, but not without that heart broken expression.

When we finished our meal, I went to stand in the line to pay for the bill. My little one went straight for the toys section. As I was standing there in line, something was telling me to get that Raccoon. My heart was just really pressuring me to grab it up and lay it on the counter. “get it,  get it , get it.” I kept hearing those words over and over in my head. I rarely go and eat out without my husband being present, and I know if he had of been standing there with me, he would have just gotten the dang stuffy. Without another thought, I grabbed it up, set it on the counter, and asked the cashier if she would place it in a bag, before my daughter could see it. The excitement of keeping it a surprise, had me shoving that bag in my purse before even swiping my card.  As we approached the car, I unlocked my door only, so that I would have time to place the bag in the back seat before she could get inside. She never did notice the bag sitting in the seat right next to her. I was having a hard time holding my excitement in, but wanted her to find it herself. After about ten more minutes of driving to our next destination, she finally said, “I have to blow my nose.” Which I seen as the perfect opportunity. ” Madison, I believe there is a paper bag beside you that you can use to throw away your used tissue.” She grabbed it and said, ” Nah, I think there is something in it.” She opened the bag and looked in. I had already fixed my rear view mirror to where I could see her face. When her head popped back up and our eyes met in that rear view mirror, I could not hold back the tears. This little girl looked up at me with a facial expression that will forever be embedded into my mind. Eye brows raised, and a smile from ear to ear. She was so very happy, and equally thankful. For a few seconds she was in disbelief and  I could tell right away that I had done good. She thanked me over and over again, and told me it was awesome, and I was awesome.  What mom does not want to hear those words?  She said”I just can not believe it mom, You tricked me real good. I love it so much. I can not wait to show daddy.”

I know some will not find this story heart touching in the least. And I suppose those are the ones that are able to give their kids every little thing that they want. Part of me wishes that I could be one of those parents that showers their little ones with tons of expensive gifts. But the other part of me, loves being able to see the appreciation my little girl has over a $13 stuffed animal. I would not witness that appreciation and excitement over something so small, if she were spoiled. Now I am not knocking the ones who are able to spoil their children. I am merely stating that the feeling one gets when their child is excited over something simple, is like nothing else. I literally had tears rolling down my face when I met her eyes and she seen that Raccoon. I knew it was going to be an exciting moment for her, because out of all of her Christmas gifts that she received last year, her Unicorn was her favorite.  It is The Little Things, that make this life so great.

# I would just like to say “Thank You” to my husband for his efforts. He works every single day, and sometimes long hours, so that he may not only provide our needs, but some of our wants as well. This moment that I am able to share, was completely because of him. I was able to be home with my sick daughter, without stressing about a job, and was able to take her out for breakfast, AND get her a treat.. It was a heart warming day for me, and my hard working partner deserves all of the credit. I love you.

A Proud Moment

I recently had a moment to where I thought to myself, ” Good Job Mom'”

An occurrence happened this past weekend, that brought positive recognition to my parenting skills, along with my husbands of course. Sometimes we look into our lives and we wonder, just how well of a job we are doing when it comes to teaching our children right from wrong. There also comes that little thing called Compassion. I have written of Compassion on another blog, so obviously I am pretty set, on making sure I place this emotion upon the hearts of my children. It is right up there with respect. It is a necessity to carry with us on a daily basis. Now, I will share with you what brought this blog to exist

A few days ago, the husband and I had a few last minute Christmas items to pick up for one of our other children, and since she was not with us at the moment, it was a good opportunity to do so.  As I step out of the car, I hear it. That dreaded Salvation Army bell. Each year as I walk to the doors of our Wal-mart, there is a person ( working off community service hours, I am sure) sitting at the bucket, swaying his bell back and forth. I know this money is going to a good place, and I have absolutely no problem with giving. The thing is, I never carry cash with me. I always use a card. So every time I walk past the bucket, I am thinking to myself, ” do not look their way, and just keep walking. Maybe they will think you are not paying attention and just overlooked them sitting there with that loud obnoxious bell.” This day was different. I actually had a five dollar bill in my wallet, left over from an ice cream date with my youngest daughter the day before. As I  pulled out the cash to place in the bucket I thought I would do a little test. I wanted to see just how much compassion I had instilled upon my seven year old daughter. I pulled the money out and I said, ” Honey, I have Five dollars. I am going to give you two choices. You may either take this money and buy you something in this store, or you can place it in that bucket, where another child that is less fortunate that you, will get a gift bought for them for Christmas.” There was no way I could be 100% certain what her choice was going to be. I had hoped I had not raised a selfish child. She had recently made me feel very proud when she told me that there was no reason for a child to get more than three Christmas gifts. She said baby Jesus got three gifts, one from each wise man. If Jesus can be happy with three gifts, I think all kids should be happy with three. She was very serious too. I really wonder what she would do if I took all of her gifts, other than three and gave them away? Maybe that is for another lesson learning day 😉

Without a second of hesitation, my daughter ran up to that bucket and shoved her money in. Smiled at the man holding the bell and proceeded to walk in the store. The man said, “Merry Christmas.” My daughter replied with, “And Merry Christmas to you too.”  In a trade off for her money, the man handed her a sucker. The sucker said Jesus Loves You. She was very proud of that sucker.

There is no way I could guess which way the scenario was going to play out. Of course I was hopeful that she would do the right thing. But I am not unrealistic to the fact that Kids will be kids, and sometimes they have a selfish heart. Especially the ones that do not get an allowance. The ones that do without all of the little wants because of a slim budget. My husband works very hard every single day to keep a roof over our head, food in our belly’s and clothing on our back…The necessities. We all understand that anything outside of those three things, are privileged commodities. So when my child chose to give to another child, instead of spoiling herself for a moment, it made my heart swell.

Later that evening, as I started a conversation with my husband about the subject, it was only then that he had learned I gave her the choice to keep the money for herself. He assumed I had given her the money and simply told her to put it in the bucket. Daddy’s heart had a little swelling moment as well. He called her in, and proceeded to tell her what a good thing she had done, and since she had chosen to do the good deed, he was repaying her for it. He gave her his five dollars that he was using for his vending machine coffee, at work. I told her, ” See what happens when you do good things, Good things come back to you. Maybe not that moment, or that day, or even that week, but eventually good things come back to the ones that do good.


Mental Thought: Our children learn from example…..They are always watching.

Misspelled, Misused, and Mislabeled


I recently started reading over some of my blogs. I noticed that I had punctuation errors, misspelled words, and run on sentences. I noticed these mistakes, even though I made sure to proof read the material before I clicked on the Publish widget. I am now considering that people may think I am an absolute moron, and in return choose not to read anymore of my blogs. I have to admit, I could not blame someone for such judgement. If I were reading a blog or a book with mistake after mistake then I can only assume, I would be just as any other individual. I may become uninterested in what I am reading. Its possible that I would not be able to take them seriously if they are unable to use words the way they were intended. Fact is, the persons material that I am reading has a life just as important as the next blogger, and maybe even more interesting. So why should it be so important to get each and every world correct? I think our true malfunction is our human nature. We tend to see someone that can not spell, or can not put the right words in a sentence as uneducated, ignorant, unsophisticated, and my favorite, a redneck. Personally I feel we are merely mislabeling people. Is it not also accurate truth that even the most educated person, will make mistakes? We do not all depend on spell check, or whatever other kind of software that helps you put your sentences together. Not everyone comes from an educated back ground, yet people still enjoy writing and sharing their own thoughts and life experiences with people.

Ironically, I have a slight pet peeve when it comes to spelling things correctly. Sadly it is just not a very strong pet peeve. When I reread my words, I surely made a mental note to put that on the top of my list. Do not only proof read, reread…and more than twice. 

In this specific area, Northern Alabama, there is that one little tidbit that one might think, separates the graduates from the drop outs. Pronunciation. I am here to tell you, that is just not so. Some highly educated individuals choose to stick to their southern roots, and continue to use the slang words that they were taught when they were younger. As with the drop outs, they try their hardest to sound educated and that comes with making sure each and every i is dotted and t is crossed. All words are in their correct place, and quotations are accurate .I myself am not highly educated, ( surprise, surprise) and do make mistakes, yet I find myself always correcting my children, and giving my husband a look when they say “thang”, instead of thing, or “yeller” instead of yellow. I understand that living in the south, we tend to let our words come out any ole way. Sometimes we use it as a joke, but mostly it is just the way we were taught to speak from our elders.


Even though I am just as guilty as the next person in spelling and saying words completely wrong,  I feel speaking correctly is important. And here is why…………………..

When a person enters a place of employment and someone speaks with sixth grade grammar,  that person will feel the desire to walk right back out the door and take their business elsewhere. In a professional establishment, it is expected for the person sitting behind the desk to at least sound educated, whether that be the case or not. Our country slang is thought nothing of, as long as we are at a drive through window, or on a farm buying hay. In a bank, attorneys office, and even the people that call us wanting to sell us windows, we want someone who can speak plainly. It is no different than having a phone conversation with a foreigner. We get so uptight because we can not understand them. We want them to speak plainly. We want them to speak English. It is just a fact southerners have a slang, and we use words that make no sense at times. Unfortunately, a majority of us often misuse words, such as their, they’re and there, Or here and hear. I wonder why the people that came up with the English language did not think that far ahead. Was intelligence not a factor then? Were we way smarter at that time, and didn’t have to worry about screwing it up as we do now? Why else would we make so many words sound the same and mean completely different things?  One might say us Southerners have pretty much mutilated the English language, not to mention added to it. For example, Ain’t. It did not use to be a word. But by goodness it is now. Ain’t is used more than the word Isn’t  or am not, ever was.

Bottom line, between our southern drawl, and our mispronunciation, a lot of people see us as dumb. Add overhauls and bad teeth, and, well…..that is for another blog.

I have found myself being reserved about even saying certain words when I am joking around. I do not want my children to hear me say taters and maters, and think that is the correct pronunciation. I know this is all so unimportant, and does not change who we are as people. We can be the smartest individuals that ever walked the face of the earth, and choose to say bitness and chester drawers, just because we like the way it sounds. But just think, we have children that are following in our footsteps. Their lives will be much easier if we can teach them to speak so that their peers will take them seriously. When someone is taken seriously, it gives them determination to succeed.  If they learn to speak appropriately, then they have a much better chance at having a career with potential. I have a child that intends to go to college to be a teacher. I have a feeling it is time to buckle down with my English, so that when she gets to college she will not be caught off guard with someone says, ” what does that mean.?”

By the way, did you know Britches is an actual word? It is some sort of pant item. Like a pair of capri crop pants. I did not learn that until my early thirties. I honestly thought growing up that it was just a term that my parents used for their jeans and slacks. I always cringed as an adult, when hearing that world. Then I found out it was an actual thing…….Regardless, I still do not use it.

Mental Thought: Whether we do it for fun, or just know no better, there will always be a snobbish fixation on pronunciation.


P.S. I am very interested in seeing how many people pay close enough attention to this blog to find my mistakes. 🙂

A Mothers Heart

As I sit here this morning with my three youngest children, I feel privileged, honored, blessed…..Any term of endearment that describes how fortunate I am to be called mom. To be honest, no words can describe that fluttery, full feeling in my heart.

So many woman take for granted the beauty that comes with being a mother. They look at their little people that they have created as a daily task. If one could simply look into the eyes of their children, they would see themselves. The good part of themselves. The innocent part. As a parent, we have the chance to give our children everything that we lacked as a child. Some think material objects are the thing that they lacked the most, some love, some both……

I was never given much as a child. Much of either. Being Material or physical/emotional love. I am not financially able to give my children every little thing that they want, but I will definitely do without my wants to make sure they have theirs. That was not the way of my parents when I was a child. Our needs were barely met, little on our wants. I seen their wants come way before I needs. I will never be considered a selfish mother. I love being able to see the excitement in my child’s face when they know they get to go shopping, a movie, amusement park, or even just for ice cream.

A child sees our time and money as care and concern. They see that if we are willing to spend our hard earned money on the things that they can definitely live without, then they see us caring about their happiness. When we show them that spending time with them is important to us then we are showing them their presence is valued.


I can promise you one single thing without a doubt. If you ask my children if their mother loves them, they would look at you as though you were asking the dumbest question in the world. They know. And shouldn’t they? Shouldn’t they know just how important their lives are to me?

When we think we have said it enough, then we should say it one more time…..Just to be sure. I love you, should be the last thing your child(ren) hear every night. A mothers comforting, reassuring love is all a child’s soul needs to survive. A soft touch on the head. A tickle here and there. Kiss to the forehead. There are so  many small gestures that mean so much to those little hearts. Maybe not at that direct moment, but I do know once a child reaches adulthood, having lived without those small gestures, can be fatal. Fatal to the child’s spirit.

I have four of those little hearts that came from my womb. I carried them until their little bodies were able to breathe on their own. My heart turned to mush when they were first put in my arms. Each and every birth was as though I had never done it before. The emotions that came with each new life were unlike anything I have felt any other moment. The excitement and joy that came with the looking in their little eyes for the first time.

Now I am faced with the fear as to what kind of adult they are going to become. We can guide them, and love them more than anything imaginable, but they still carry the ultimate choice…….What will they do with their lives?

I see so many children grow into adults with addiction, or become murderers, rapists, child pedophiles. Those people were once a mothers baby, that grew into a child, and then become the adult that they are. It grieves me to think there is a chance that one or even all four of my children could hurt my heart with the demise of their lives in such a terrible way. Meaningless existence. Giving nothing back.

Those things are the reason why it is of utter most importance to teach our children the power of love. Share it with others no matter how many times it is refused. No matter how many times we are hurt, we should still give our love, even to those that are not worthy. Give it ,if only for a chance, that the chain of hate with be broken.

There is not one thing my little ones can do for me to love them less. How can you love someone less when that someone is simply part of your heart? I just pray that God gives me strength when they venture into adulthood, to handle the disappointment they may bring upon my heart. The fear is great, only because of the pain that they will bestow upon themselves. A mother does not want to witness pain and agony brought upon their children no matter where it generates from, but at least if someone hurts our children, we have someone to blame. If it is by their own hand, then we shall surely blame ourselves. We had to of done something so wrong, for our children to choose a path that was not intended. Right?

I say, Wrong……….

This world has a way of corrupting even the most well taught children. God gave us ALL free will. When that free will is turned into an evil pleasure, not only the culprit becomes lost, but so do the ones standing in the path. That path could be high school, a party, college, anywhere that evil exists. We can teach our children the right way, but there will always be temptations brought on by others. We can never fully protect them.


I have an overwhelmingly good feeling that my children will want to make me proud, and do everything not to disappoint. Because I do not filter the ways of the world. I tell them of all of the bad in the world. I share my experiences and outcomes, in hopes that they do not fall in the same pattern. If they are curious about something, and want to know, then I tell them. I am not a mother who shelters her children from the potential dangers of our world. I would rather scare them into not trying something, than them being curious of something they have never heard of.

I feel it is my job as a mother to do whatever I can to protect my little ones. Maybe I am too honest. Maybe I am too graphic. But I feel confident that showing my children what could happen when having unprotected sex out of wedlock, VIA the internet, will discourage them somewhat. I am hoping complete and total discouragement, I am hoping if/when they are put in that situation, they will remember the images of what could happen. I suppose that is something that I will never know for certain, since children do not generally share those things with their mothers. I also hope giving a somewhat detailed description of what a sick child pedophile would do if they ever got their hands on them, will teach them to keep their distance from strangers. If they are ever put in such a situation, they know to fight until their is no fight left. They know to scream and kick, and bite. They know if at all possible to come to me if able, and we will fix any situation, together.

I am a mother… children will be the most important people, and my greatest accomplishments…..I will always love them no matter what they do or do not do. My love for them, is unconditional.  I have A Mothers Heart…..

Mental Thought: If your child comes to you and asks you a question, then answer it. It is our job to teach them. Do not let a stranger do it.

P.S. Have fun with this life……….

being silly



So, I have noticed that the most attention my blogs receive are of my “personal experiences”. My opinionated blogs, are not seeing much traffic. I would say I wonder why that is, but I am pretty certain I can guess. When I am reading others blogs, I like to read the personal issues as well. I suppose part of me is looking for someone to relate to, as I am sure others do as well. Then there are those that really would like to get to know who a person really is. Reading a Blog is definitely a good way to start. Bloggers often are tell-alls, such as myself. We just really have nothing to hide. I personally feel if I can help one person with the words I put on a screen, then I have accomplished the task at hand.

Each and every person on earth has made mistakes…..Well, maybe not everyone. I am sure there are some Monks that feel as though they are perfection to a T. If one can hold that honor, then I am clapping my hands for you.


In all honesty, bloggers are probably idealistic friends. Besides the part where they may eventually share a story that you may or may not have not been a part of 😉 I try not to share names when I am talking about a specific situation, because of the privacy issue. But regardless, THAT friend will always know……

I say idealistic friends because of the open and honest factor. There is just about no way around Really knowing who one is, when they pour their life out on a screen. When they share their own personal views on things; when they share their mistakes; favorites; love stories; etc… I have so much to tell. If I started from as far back as I can remember, which would be age 3, I could share some horror stories. Sadly that is all I remember of my childhood. Well, there was that one time when the Salvation Army truck pulled up to our door and unloaded bags of toys for Christmas. That was a good day. Age 7. Those good memories are few and far between, and sadly they were not made from the actions of our parents. I have much more bad memories to tell, and I know that those are the interesting ones. Interesting on two factors. Some will relate, and some will pity. Some will completely understand, and some will be thankful that they never went through, or felt those discrepancies in their lives. I am close to having the courage to share more in detail of my childhood. I know there are so many in my area that faced the same thing. It seems like where I live, no one wants more. We have adapted to the small  life. Not that it is not okay. I actually enjoy the way things are. I am not a business person, I am not a city slicker. I am a country girl, who likes the simple life. Sadly though, so many  people get sucked into that simple life and lose a little each generation. Until finally one of those generations are low life, scum bags that take and take and take from anyone and anything. Those are the ones who end up having off spring that they do not see the importance in nurturing. In return those children have children, who are taught the same, and there goes the never ending cycle of bad seeds.

I have family on top of family that started out good and ended with fail. I have the same amount of family that started out with fail, and have brought themselves out of the pits of hell. I  like to think I am one of them. But it certainly did not come without making mistake after mistake, and some of those mistakes were made as I was trying to “better myself” . I will eventually get to those stories, but for now, I will close and leave you all pondering with, What will the next Blog be about?

Until Next time….

Mental thought: Write it down, it is the best way to remember…