I am sure each and every person in this country is appreciative of our men and women that have sacrificed everything just to protect us when need be. They go to other countries, a million miles away from their loved ones, just to make sure we are safe. But then again, maybe not everyone is appreciative. There is so much chaos in this world, in our own country, from our own people, that we have to be protected from. And who done/does that? Our service men and women.

I wonder if everyone really understands what it is that people give up when they choose to fight for their country? They have to sacrifice time away from their families, and that is if they choose to have a family with such constant distance. There are mothers and fathers who have to hug their babies goodbye when they leave for service, and a lot of times it is a last good bye. Those men and woman accept the fact that it could be a last good bye. Their reality, going in, is the acknowledgment and willingness of dying for you and I. People who they have never met before. Why? Because to them,  you and I are part of a country that is worthy of fighting for. Without those brave individuals, we would surely fall.


When  you tell a soldier, past or present, Thank You…..I hope that you have your heart in it. Lord knows their heart has to be spread all over the place. Between their country, wives, husbands, children, mothers, fathers, siblings. The amount of life that they give up could be seen as unreasonable. First they have to train. Then they have to be sent wherever their country sends them. Then they have to work every day on their strength and character, while they sit and wait for an attack they know for certain is coming. For the ones that are not active, still have to sit and wait. They know at any moment they may be called to duty. The retired heros/ Veterens, will forever have images in their heads that no amount of time fades. They have absence in their hearts from all of the time they missed with their families.

There is just not a big enough Thank You for what the military does for us on a daily basis. The men and women, past and present, that serve our country, deserve more than what can ever be repaid.

Mental Thought: Even though it seems so small, still give Thanks to your protectors…