Becoming a Stranger

Recently I have started speaking online to a gentlemen who has had some major surgery on his face. He had cancer. The cancer took part of him, as it always does.

He is not only attempting to heal physically, but he is having to dig really deep to heal emotionally as well. Part of that emotional healing consist of him accepting who he now is.  A little less of who he was before.

How can one accept who they are, when others turn away from them, and Why do others turn away from them?

When we hate ourselves due to our physical appearance, our inner self feels the need to match it. If we feel ugly on the outside, then may as well be ugly on the inside…

The thing is,  It is just hard to connect with someone who is going through a hard time, if they are hopeless.

It is almost impossible to relate to someone,  If they are negative about everything.

Honestly I have never been through anything, like this person has. I have never been through anything similar. But I know without a shadow of a doubt, If my husband faced losing any part of his physical shell, I would love him just the same. I love his soul, his spirit,  his heart. Not his body.

However, if his soul, spirit, and/or heart changed, and he disconnected from me, then it would be difficult for me to attempt to connect with someone I no longer know.

So one thing we should tell ourselves. IF we are faced with a life altering tragedy we must not lose who we are. Because once we lose that…..We lose everything, Including the ones that loved us for who we were.

Mental Note: Stay true to yourself, even when going through a storm. We must not become a stranger to even ourselves.

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