Four Legs Can Break Our One Heart

This is a little out of the ordinary for me when it comes to Blogs. I have recently had a terrible heartbreak. Some, I know will find it simply ridiculous. I have to admit, in the past, I have thought people were being a little absurd when they would complain about this type of thing. Seeing that there is so much going on in the world, and they had the audacity to be saddened by something so insignificant. I learned this past week that we can not control our heart. There are things that pull at our heart strings, simply by accident. Sometimes those things can have four legs.

I have had pets my whole life. When I was a child, I become very attached to a cat, that my dad felt was more of an annoyance than a pet, so he took it for a “ride”. I was completely devastated. It still breaks my heart to think of it, and maybe it is not because of losing the pet, but because of the heartless act. Point being, that was the last pet that I whole heartily Loved. I was 12. I have cared for animals since then, sure. But I have just put it in my head that they come and they go. I refused to let my heart soften for another. Until…….


Three months ago, my son turned ten. He had made a comment that everyone had an animal in the home besides him. Both of my daughters have cats to call their own. So I got the bright idea to search him out a pet for his birthday. I found the cutest little guy. A Chiweenie we named,  Mason. I was so excited to give it to my son. Unfortunately, He loved him for a few days, but the responsibility became overwhelming, so he lost interest pretty quickly. Just as all of the other animals, Mason became my responsibility. I fed him, bathed him, played with him, potty trained him, and he was by my side all day every day. This little guy won my heart. Just the sweetest pup. I let my guard down and I fell in love with him.


Being with an animal every day, with no breaks, besides the grocery runs and paying bills, in which some cases he tagged along, makes it easy for them to become part of the family. It also helps when they show how much they love and admire us. He was always so happy to see me, even if it was just returning from an outside potty run. Sometimes he even acted as though he did not want to go out, simply because he did not want to leave my side. Of course those times I would just walk out with him, he would go do his business, while watching me every second, and then run back full speed to me. A person just does not realize how much they care about their pets until…….


Five days ago, at 10:00 a.m. , I let Mason out to potty. It was just a tad bit cool outside, but he went straight for the gravel and laid down. I just figured the ground was really warm, and it felt good to him, so I just let him lay there. 10:30 a.m. I went out to call for him. Usually by now he has already come scratching on the door. I still was not terribly concerned, because he loved running around playing with our four cats. Well three of them, because one is a crabby pants and has no use for any other animals. I figured I would just let him play for awhile longer, until I noticed all of the cats were lying around. I called, and called. I walked the yard, and he did not come to me. I started getting paranoid. By that afternoon, I was just sick. We live on five acres off of the road, so I really never feared for him to be out alone. When my husband got home, we searched until dark. One last call out for him, and just beyond the wood line, a coyote yelled out for his pack. On the other side of the property two or three more  yelled back. At that very moment, my heart broke into a million little pieces. I knew that was the end of my sweet little boy. There was no way that a four month old Chiweenie could make it out on his own in the woods. Especially when he was Not alone.

We have not completely gave up hope. We have still continued to look for him. We watch for him when we are coming in and out of the property, posted on every single animal and online sale sites, and placed signs up. Yesterday we actually got a call that someone seen a small dog in the woods on their property. Though it was a mile down the road, we still took that chance that it could be him. Not that it wasn’t him, but we had no luck with the search. I seem to get my hopes up every time I get a notification from my media posts, and every time the phone rings. It is a hard let down when it is just someone saying I hope you find him.

Moral of my story is, please do not every judge someone because their pet has become a big part of their life. Our hearts can not help who or what we love. I know that I will not ever get over losing Mason. I may not ever be able to let myself go to that place again, to love another animal this way, but it was wonderful while it lasted. He was a very loyal little guy that would have made a very wonderful doggie some day. I hope and pray that someone just picked him up and gave him a  home, instead of my fear that the coyotes got him. With him missing in the middle of the day, gives me that little bit of hope that he was stolen. I also have hope that once the people see the signs that took him, maybe they will see that he was loved so very much, and his family would greatly appreciate him coming home.


Mental thought: Our love runs deeper than we allow ourselves to believe. If we just gave those four legs a chance, we would see how those innocent,loyal hearts of theirs, can change our own hearts.


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