So, I have noticed that the most attention my blogs receive are of my “personal experiences”. My opinionated blogs, are not seeing much traffic. I would say I wonder why that is, but I am pretty certain I can guess. When I am reading others blogs, I like to read the personal issues as well. I suppose part of me is looking for someone to relate to, as I am sure others do as well. Then there are those that really would like to get to know who a person really is. Reading a Blog is definitely a good way to start. Bloggers often are tell-alls, such as myself. We just really have nothing to hide. I personally feel if I can help one person with the words I put on a screen, then I have accomplished the task at hand.

Each and every person on earth has made mistakes…..Well, maybe not everyone. I am sure there are some Monks that feel as though they are perfection to a T. If one can hold that honor, then I am clapping my hands for you.


In all honesty, bloggers are probably idealistic friends. Besides the part where they may eventually share a story that you may or may not have not been a part of ­čśë I try not to share names when I am talking about a specific situation, because of the privacy issue. But regardless, THAT friend will always know……

I say idealistic friends because of the open and honest factor. There is just about no way around Really knowing who one is, when they pour their life out on a screen. When they share their own personal views on things; when they share their mistakes; favorites; love stories; etc… I have so much to tell. If I started from as far back as I can remember, which would be age 3, I could share some horror stories. Sadly that is all I remember of my childhood. Well, there was that one time when the Salvation Army truck pulled up to our door and unloaded bags of toys for Christmas. That was a good day. Age 7. Those good memories are few and far between, and sadly they were not made from the actions of our parents. I have much more bad memories to tell, and I know that those are the interesting ones. Interesting on two factors. Some will┬árelate, and some will pity. Some will completely understand, and some will be thankful that they never went through, or felt those discrepancies in their lives. I am close to having the courage to share more in detail of my childhood. I know there are so many in my area that faced the same thing. It seems like where I live, no one wants more. We have adapted to the small ┬álife. Not that it is not okay. I actually enjoy the way things are. I am not a business person, I am not a city slicker. I am a country girl, who likes the simple life. Sadly though, so many ┬ápeople get sucked into that simple life and lose a little each generation. Until finally one of those generations are low life, scum bags that take and take and take from anyone and anything. Those are the ones who end up having off spring that they do not see the importance in nurturing. In return those children have children, who are taught the same, and there goes the never ending cycle of bad seeds.

I have family on top of family that started out good and ended with fail. I have the same amount of family that started out with fail, and have brought themselves out of the pits of hell. I ┬álike to think I am one of them. But it certainly did not come without making mistake after mistake, and some of those mistakes were made as I was trying to “better myself” . I will eventually get to those stories, but for now, I will close and leave you all pondering with, What will the next Blog be about?

Until Next time….

Mental thought: Write it down, it is the best way to remember…


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