End of Time

end of time

Yet another public forum post has me thinking.

Some say these are terrible times in our world. I have even read comments such as,  “this could be the end of times”, which has me contemplating.

I wonder if the world has always been this bad?  Or is it just the simple fact that We have all of this media coverage that puts it in our home so we may see it first hand? Also, the older we get the more this devastation affects us because we are old enough to understand the significance of it all.

If we Google Natural Disasters, it shows plenty of them on record from as early as before Christ. So that shows us Natural disasters have always occurred. 


Again, we can Google Genocide, and see there are plenty of actions on record. I am sure that in Hitlers era, people thought the end was near as well.  Before that was Armenia, located near Western Asia and Eastern Europe. There was an estimated 1 million murders by the government beginning in 1915, that lasted approximately eight years. 



So from my understanding, things have not just recently gotten bad. Things have always been bad. As I stated above, we are just made more aware of it now, with media coverage and we see things in a different light, than we did when we were teenagers. The younger we are the more we seem to NOT focus on the negative in the world. I do miss those days. The simplicity of life. 

With that being said, I too believe with my whole heart that life will some day end as humans know it. I  just do not personally believe it will be anytime soon. Maybe within the next 100 or so years….Now that would not surprise me. But really, people have been stating the end was near, for hundreds of years. It has been the way Christians try to bring more people to Christ. Making them aware of the fact, God will return one day to take his children home. I just do not think it will be before the world falls completely apart. It is certainly well on its way. The people who rule this country are going to make that happen sooner than later. They have opened the door for desperation, which in return causes people to become foolish. Chaos will one day break out in our country more so than now, and it will take a lot to contain it. Disease will spread, killing thousands. The fear of that is becoming great with the cases of Ebola. More and More people will also become the victims of starvation, in this country as it has been in others. 

I have an idea….

For these moments in time, in our homes, let us be happy. Let us leave what is happening in this world around us on the outside of our homes. When we come home from a long days work, lets live in that moment. The moment that we are with our families. Leave off the news, do not listen to media. Put on a good family movie. Listen to soft relaxing music. 

If we give in to evil, then we will become a part of it. By giving in, I mean become stressed about the things that are out of our control. The evil in the world is only wanting to drag us down with it. If it takes away our happy, and replaces it with worry, then evil has won. We still have so much to be happy about. We still live in a country where our freedom exists, on a higher level than other countries. 

I hate having the knowledge that my children could live out their lives, in way worse economic downfall than what we have had so far. The chances in that are great. I suppose the only thing I can do is keep filling them with a positive attitude. Let them know that no matter how bad things are, it can always get worse. Do whatever makes them happy, and spread that happy around….Try not to stress over the little things. Otherwise, there will be no room left for what is to come

Mental Thought: Be in the here and now, not what could be





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