A Life, is a Life……


I recently read a Social Media post from someone, and the topic really bothered me. 
This gentleman stated that some people have careless hearts, and it was proven by the amount of prayer a recent actors death was receiving, compared to the situation of aborted babies in the world. 
I have a problem with this. I do not find myself careless and heartless because I shared a status and put RIP on it.Nor do I feel heartless because I stated on someone else’s status that it was “sad to hear”. 
I, as I am sure anyone else  who shared the sadness of this specific actor, and any other pointless death on the social media, was not trying to take away from all of the other negative in the world. This person just died, therefore people are saddened. Why is that not okay? Should we ONLY be sad and upset when a baby is aborted, or a soldier dies? Those things too sadden me, but I do not think that any life is more important than another. All of these lives were someones family member, child, mother, father.They all deserve remembrance.
Sometimes I think people post things without fully thinking. I am sure I am guilty of this deed on occasion.
But then again, people who feel so strongly about things, have no other mindset but to defend what THEY feel is right or wrong. No one else’s opinions matter. 
That is exactly what is wrong in this world today. When we do not share the opinion of EVERYONE else,  then we are sinners, rebels,  deserters of sorts..
I am full of honor and love  for my country men/women. I become concerned for anyone’s family facing death, no matter how old; young; famous or infamous; no matter the race, or religious preference….A LIFE IS A LIFE
Mental Thought : Have compassion for human life……Not just the PEOPLE we think deserve it..
Follow Up:
When things touch my heart, I usually have to speak up, and that is just what I done in this situation. Thankfully it did not turn into a debate and he appreciated my opinion on the matter. It actually made me appreciate his opinion in return.
 I think all any of us want, is for it to be okay to have our own opinions on things and not be bashed for that opinion.
Just because I feel one way about something does not necessarily make me right…..or wrong. 
This gentleman was an advocate of sorts for Abortion. He feels so strongly about it that he will put it before anything else.
I suppose that is where the advocacy part kicks in. I have to appreciate that he DOES in fact care so much about something.
I envy the drive people have to stand up for what they believe in. 


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